Bush: "All Options On the Table" for Iran
US News & World Report / Political Bulletin
03-Jul-2008 (2 comments)

President Bush reiterated the US official position on the Iranian nuclear program that the US preferred diplomacy but would not rule out the use of force as tensions appear to rise between that country and Israel. However, US media were unsure of whether Bush's statement gave emphasis to force or diplomacy..

Rosie T.

But Media Differ On Which Side Of Table He Sits On

by Rosie T. on

No wonder I'm so confused. Even the mainstream media can't agree on what he means.



Not fit to be a president

by Ali reza (not verified) on

When he Leaves the office he would be remembered as a person who damaged the US image in the world.I remember reading about Bill Clinton that he was able to read when he was 5 years old,George can not even read from a prepared statement.It takes smart to be president.I hope Hossein win.At least his name sounds Iranian:)
Peace on earth