Obama's Palestinian Problem
payvand/al-ahram / Hamid Dabashi
03-Jul-2008 (2 comments)

Obama will continue to exacerbate the transmutation of the Zionist dream of a Jewish homeland into a military fortress, To understand this  we must reverse the cconspiracy theory that "Jews control American foreign policy" and instead see: that it is the American imperialism  for which Obama now intends to provide a new face that abuses the  post-Holocaust fears of Jews  in order to maintain Israel as a major part of its gargantuan military machinery.

Rosie T.

Dabashi: Obama--Brand New Face, Same Ol' Story

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Well, you know, Hamid can be a bit...verbose....but he's good.  And I don't think he even says "pestiferous" ONCE in this whole article.




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