Wives outnumber singles in Tehran sex trade
03-Jul-2008 (3 comments)

"According to recent research carried out in Tehran, the phenomenon of prostitution is being seen in married people more than single individuals,"

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Revolution a bad idea

by Ali reza (not verified) on

Revolutions are bad ideas in third world countries.Instead of making people's lives better, revolutions make their lives worst.In a democtatic countries govenments change hands without any blood spilled,because they kind of true represenative of people.Since this is not true in third world countries ,the govenments has to come down by force.


Sad Sad Sad !!!!

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

The saddest thing is that when a society starts it's journy downward it is extremly hard to rid itself of it's bad habits and it will swirl downward and downward. God help all of us......

Kaveh Nouraee

Very Sad...But Not Surprising At All

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Yes, it's the world's oldest profession, around since the beginning of time. And it existed during the decades and centuries preceding 1979.

I am directing this towards those of you who tirelessly and endlessly extoll the virtues of the 1979 Revolution, and sing its praises just as loudly today as you did 30 years ago.

Do you see what you have turned Iran into? What you have allowed her to become? Are you satisfied now? Or is it your goal to see our motherland turned into yet another port of call for the sex tourism business, another Manila, or Bangkok?

Is this what your "Islamic Revolution" is all about? The West corrupted Iran with sex and drugs during the monarchy you say, but look how pious it is now!! A potpourri of drug addicts and prostitutes.

Those of you who are passive supporters of the IRI are just as guilty as those actively engaged in destroying it. Maybe even more so. So to you people, the only thing that can be said that you will understand is "f*** you and die."