Iranians seeking life abroad look east to Malaysia
AFP / Aresu Eqbali

A number of Iranians are flocking to Malaysia, attracted by a fellow Islamic country with a relatively low cost of living, instead of pursuing their dreams in traditional exile hubs such as Canada or Sweden. Iranian computer specialist Sina Rahati left his home country for Kuala Lumpur three years ago. He misses neither Tehran's polluted streets nor the bureaucracy needed to set up a new business. The one thing Rahati really does miss, though, is his favourite breakfast of "kaleh pacheh" -- a fatty traditional Iranian dish made from sheep's head and hooves that most outsiders find utterly inedible.
Wherever they go, the flight of educated Iranians in search of work and study is part of an ongoing "Brain Drain" which is depriving the country of some of its most talented young people.

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