Iran bans evening newspaper in finance row
24-Jul-2008 (one comment)

The Iranian press watchdog has banned the mass-selling Hamshahri newspaper's evening edition, saying it published news aimed at damaging the economy, the official news agency IRNA said on Thursday.

The evening edition of the daily, owned by Tehran municipality which is run by potential future presidential candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, "published inaccurate information aimed at disrupting the country's economy," IRNA said.

Wednesday's edition led with a front-page story claiming there had been a row between central bank director Tahmasb Mazaheri and interim Finance Minister Hossein Samsami, who is expected to be appointed permanently to the post

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هر دم ازین باغ بری میرسد


All these news of illegal actions, arrests, murders, oppression etc... are getting so frequent! Are they getting worse or they've become more transparent?

Hamshahri was read by almost every single person! they're apparently not even afraid of bad PR...

how disturbing

Thanks for the news