Iran says nuclear talks can solve wider Mideast problems
24-Jul-2008 (one comment)

Iranian Vice President Reza Aghazadeh said Thursday that negotiations with world powers on its nuclear programme could be used to resolve wider Middle East problems from Iraq to oil prices.
"If the negotiations get under way, then solutions could be found for many problems like Iraq, Lebanon or fuel prices," said Aghazadeh, also the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation.
He spoke to reporters after his meeting in Vienna with Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the UN nuclear watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency, a week after Tehran lodged its latest proposals with world powers in Geneva.

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بحث هسته اي

Faribors Maleknasri (not verified)

بحث هسته اي ايران به نمايشگاهي از زورگويي هاي دول غربي تبديل شده است
Iran says nuclear talks can solve wider Mideast problems. But the westerns who have problems with Iran-Nuks are not searching for a solution, they want to proove to the nations under their power - such as americans, britons and a lot other europians - that their government is mighty enough to order other countries the way they had to live. One Example:
Russia sells modern Warplanes on venezuella.a american politian "knows" thas to Defence Venezuella such powerfull planes are just too much! and in case of islamic republic of Iran there exist also a plenty of "Experts" who know what is in Iran`s own interesst to do this and to avoid that. "IRANIAN" is full of such advises for free. Greeting