Illness in the Interpretation of Iranian Diplomatic History
Iran Chamber Society / Amir Arsalan Afkhami
28-Jul-2008 (3 comments)

One reason may be a reluctance to grapple with medical issues that they might feel exceed their expertise. Another explanation, one frequently offered by medical historians, is the lack of reported clinical information on patients due to rules of medical confidentiality to which their physicians were bound. While aversion to grappling with medical terminology is understandable, the unwillingness of historians of Iran to explore the illnesses of their subjects might also stem from cultural sensibilities with respect to medical privacy and traditional notions of a leader's stoicism in the face of disease.[2] As a result, Iranian scholars, until recently, have even steered clear of some of easily interpretable psychological motivations that have shaped political developments.[3]

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Amir Nasiri

by azaadeh on

I agree with you they have brainwashed people etc.... but I think that the subject is interesting, it talks about one of our social taboos; also the article is well documented.
For me the truth can be told by anyone, even my opposition!

ps If you have a factual article about Shah's illness, please post it, I am interested.



by amirnasiri (not verified) on

Amir Nasiri Democratic and Liberated Iran

 Thi is what the feed the Iranian people on daily basis. They jave brain washed the whole society for 30 years witheir propaganda and mis interpretation of fact, I mean who can argue with them you get killed when you say they are wrong.

So whatever they have shoved up peoples throat everyne had to accept it.

Its all garbage.

 Please stop feedingus with IRI junk



by Anonym1 (not verified) on

Could you have written a more boring article, or was that not possible at the time?