Iran's lights are going out
The Guardian
03-Sep-2008 (7 comments)

Nothing will unify Iranians behind their government like a foreign attack, regardless of the hangings and worsening kleptocracy

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> concert

by Another Lost Iranian in France (not verified) on

''At much-publicised recitals of Persian music in Tehran, the lights went out just as renowned world music star, Homayoun Shajarian, got on stage. After thousands of people clapped in the darkness, singing the "old" pre-revolution national anthem (even women's voices could be heard and women are not allowed to sing in public), the star's more famous father, Mohammad Reza Shajarian got on stage and denounced the government. He said the interior ministry was deliberately trying to stop Iranians from listening to the music of their country''


you better come up with ...

by Parthian on

Q, aka Nokar e bi ekhtiar e IR, better come up with a stronger argument for nuclear power for your masters in Tehran than to mention names of has been political advisor, and a dead dictator.



by Parthian on

Some of these people you mentioned want Iran bombed, what is your point? They were WRONG, just as your masters and daddy are wrong.





by Fishmonger (not verified) on

No nuclear weapons for the killer mullahs, period!

Mullahs don't give a damn about people. They only want WMD!


Iranian Patriot: You're absolutely right,

by Q on

some of those people are: President Ford, Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfled who together with the Shah predicted Iran would have major power problems by now and should invest in nuclear power ASAP.


Some will

by Iranian Patriot (not verified) on

Use this as an excuse for why the IRI needs nuclear plants.

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Thanks for this recommendation. This was a very interesting read.