Sarkozy Says Iran Takes `Major Risk,' May Cause Israeli Attack
04-Sep-2008 (3 comments)

``Iran is taking a major risk in continuing its process of obtaining nuclear weapons, which we are certain is happening,''

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Iran needs nuclear power for blackouts

by Anonymous Eerooni (not verified) on

According to some US reports Iran stopped their efforts to make nuclear bombs many year ago,but I do not understand why coutries like France still insists that Iran still have hidden intentions.I guess some countries still wanted Iranians to stay in darkness.


the new Bush

by sharizie (not verified) on

the french are always out of step. They elected a racist Jewish guy to head their country after a real president.

Sarkozy- at the best is a Lieberman. He is an idiot , I can not believe the french have become so backward



by Anonymous1.1 (not verified) on

ghalat kard.