Police: Gassing of Mosque in Ohio Was Not a Biased Crime
Democracy Now / Amy Goodman
01-Oct-2008 (one comment)

Police in Dayton, Ohio said no hate crime was committed when two men sprayed a gas inside a mosque filled with over 300 Muslims. On Friday night, two men reportedly approached a window at the mosque and began spraying a chemical irritant. A ten-year-old girl was sprayed in the face. According to a police report, the girl said she immediately felt burning on her face and felt “sick to her stomach.” Other children and a woman felt effects from the chemical, and the mosque had to be evacuated. On Monday, Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said no hate crime was committed. He said, "The men didn’t say anything to her. There was nothing left at the scene or anything that makes us believe this is a biased crime.”


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If it's done to muslims it's not a hate crime

by B-taraf (not verified) on

Thanks to nonstop hatemongering against muslims and their beliefs in the media and Iranian media such as iranian.com it's OK to insult and harm the followers of Islam in this country and all over the world. If a jew, black, Asian or hispanic is insulted it's reported everywhere as a hate crime but when it's muslims it is not and it sucks.