Russian Scientist May Have Aided Iranian Nuclear Program
09-Oct-2008 (10 comments)

Mr. Heinonen replied that the experiments were “not consistent with any application other than the development of a nuclear weapon.” He called the shape and timing involved in the firing systems and detonators “key components of nuclear weapons.”

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I wish them luck

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

If Iranians are building the bomb, I wish them total success.


How about Israel?

by Shirin B (not verified) on

How much Israel is cooperating with IAEA?

Farhad Kashani

Fred, thanks for posting

by Farhad Kashani on

Fred, thanks for posting this news piece and for exposing the Iranian regime which, according to IAEA, has not answered all the questions it has been asked, and has not been coopeating with the atomic agency. I wonder what they have to hide?

Farhad Kashani

I love these Iranian

by Farhad Kashani on

I love these Iranian conspiracy theory lovers, always give me a good laugh! They call people like the Weisnteins who own some of the biggest Hollywood companies and who are strong anti Bush and people who own the NY Times and Washington Post, biggest anti Bush U.S newspapers,..they call those people "Neo Cons"...!!! If would've been great if they knew what that word meant!!


Iran has every right to the

by itsonlyfair (not verified) on

Iran has every right to the nuclear energy in any form and for any purpose similar to the rights of other countries who enjoy from this technology, i.e., U.S., Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, ISRAEL, and others who use it for peaceful purposes. If Iranians have the capability of developing the technology either themselves or with the outside help, so be it and good for them!


Let's say Aliens from space made the Iranian

by Abarmard on

Nuclear (Nukular) program. Let's say everything that Iran has discovered or mastered is by someone other than Iranian, if that makes you happy!

The end result and question would be, so what?


Neo-Islamists/leftists are

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

Neo-Islamists/leftists are out in full force defending their beloved criminal IRI. Intersting, indeed!


What has been done?

by Yek-Irani (not verified) on

What do all the following groups have in common?

Heads of major US banks and financial institutions
Heads of US Federal reserve for the past half a century
Heads of major US and European Hedge funds (they are the one that got the US into this mess)
Heads of major US newspapers and multimedia
Heads of major US/Hollywood movie studios that control the American mind and psyche

They all have one thing in common and if left unchecked, they will destroy humanity. It just took them a mere 70 years to be hated again.


old news to distract J-E-W-S guilt in global financial crisis

by no_name (not verified) on

As smhb said, NYTimes was involved in getting us into a war with Iraq by being the mouthpiece for the J-E-W-I-S-H agenda and the administration.

This is just a distraction from how J-e-w-s have destroyed the global financial market through their greed and arrogance.

The US financial market and US media is monopolized (taking the government's definition of monopoly) by the J-e-w-s.
In one end they milked American tax payers and in one hand their friends in media said nothing.

From Greeenspan who started the housing bubble to AIG and all major financial companies are all run by J-e-w-s. They destroyed US' image in the world by making US attack Iraq and they destroyed its economical might through greed.

For America to get back on its feet she needs to dilute the influence of this foreign group (they only care about Israel) and put more real Americans like Buffet in financial centers.

This article is nothing but a diversion from what is happening in US


What has already been

by smhb (not verified) on

What has already been established is that various american newspapers have managed to become mouthpieces for the administration and basically repeat what they are fed.

Since 2003 Iran has allowed intrusive and widespread inspections of its nuclear facilities that have been declared to the IAEA. In all this time there has not been a single IAEA report that indicates Iran has either diverted nuclear material from its civilian energy program or has been involved in military nuclear research or nuclear weapons program.

Under intense pressure the IAEA has always managed to issue vague statements in its reports in order to keep the file open as a means of pressuring Iran and satisfying zionist demands.

The documents refered to here in this article is from a laptop that the americans have had at their disposal for the last 4 years and the validity of the information on the laptop has been debunked by various experts.
The key question is if the laptop is truely a smoking gun with ample evidence pointing to a military nuclear weapons program then why didnt the americans provide and share that with the IAEA or the UN security council in the last 4 years?

The fact of the matter is that the illegal nature of the witch hunt conducted by the IAEA has weakend the NPT, and diminished the credibility of the IAEA and the security council.
It has become apparant to all observers that the IAEA is a political tool in the hands of imperial and neo-colonial powers in order to pressure independent nations who refuse to bow to them.

Iran has no legal or moral obligation to prove a negative and its high time that the IAEA general director found the backbone and the integrity to declare the Iran file closed and actually start looking at countries that are in clear violation of their NPT obligations.