Bad News for the Terrorist Regime :-)
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18-Oct-2008 (8 comments)
به رغم تلاش ایران برای ورود به شورای امنیت، ژاپن به این موقعیت دست یافت. مناقشه هسته‌ای و مواضع مقامات جمهوری اسلامی در باره‌ی مسائل منطقه عمده‌ترین دلایل شکست ایران ذکر شده‌اند.

ایران در کسب رأی کافی برای راه‌یافتن به  شورای امنیت سازمان ملل ناکام ماند. اکثریت مجمع عمومی سازمان ملل ترجیح دادند که به جای ایران، ژاپن را به نمایندگی آسیا در شورای امنیت برگزینند. علاوه بر ژاپن، ۴ کشور ترکیه، اتریش، مکزیک و اوگاندا نیز برای یک دوره‌ی دو ساله به عنوان اعضای غیردائم شورای امنیت انتخاب شدند.


ایران از هفته‌ها پیش تلاش‌های فشرده‌ای را آغاز کرده بود تا به عنوان یکی از سهم‌های آسیا به شورای امنیت راه یابد. اما از میان ۱۹۲ عضو حاضر در مجمع عمومی سازمان ملل، تنها ۳۲ رأی به سود ایران به صندوق ریخته شد، در حالی که ژاپن به ۱۵۸ رأی دست یافت

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Bad News for the Terrorist Regime :-)

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

This is bad news for the terrorist fundamentalist regime, which is oppressing and brutalizing the Iranian people.  






Re: An Embarrassing Defeat?

by ./. (not verified) on

But more than 30 countires voted for Iran. Interestingly, those 30 countires or so collectively have more PEOPLE (higher total population) than the 190 or so that did not vote for Iran!!! That should tell you something about "democracy" at the UN.


An Embarrassing Defeat?

by Killjoy (not verified) on

Did Tehran's Ruling Terrorists seriously believe they would be allowed to join the Security Council?

Of the 190 member countries of the U.N. 160 voted against IR.

Only if the U.N. decides to open an Assembly Of Terrorists, the Islamic Republic will be allowed to join as a permanent member.


Re: Baba: IRI was built on

by ./. (not verified) on

You are wrong "...". In fact Iran's policies in the area of foriegn policy has been correct, as we know from now defunct and broken ME, run by bunch of blodd sucking Zio-Nazis.


Roo ke nist

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

The next you know they want Ahmadinejad to run the U.N. These guys have no shame.


Baba: IRI was built on

by ... (not verified) on

Baba: IRI was built on blood and tyranny and it's doomed to fall like other bloodsucking regimes.

Do you really think evil is strong and can overcome good? Your defense of evil speaks volume of your character and your value system.


To Mr Kazemzadeh

by mosleh (not verified) on

You changed the title of the article. hmmmm!


In defeat, one becomes stronger

by Baba on

That is the word of wisdom from Baba !