UAE challenges Iran with US-inspired confidence
AP via Wash. Post
03-Nov-2008 (one comment)

UAE insists they belonged to the emirate Ras al-Khaimah until Iran captured them by force days before the city-states united and declared independence from Britain in 1971.


D.C. numnuts

by Fred on

American wishy-washy regional policy is a major contributing factor to the sorry state of affairs in the Middle East. The folks in Foggy Bottom need to take a remedial history lesson including the date that the British created UAE came into being. If this report is accurate it simply means the foreign policy geniuses in D.C. are about to hand the Islamist Republic yet another life resuscitating gift. The Islamists are in deep doo-doo with the overwhelming majority of Iranians; this backing of the newest kid on the block only gives the Islamist Republic a proven popular nationalistic cause to champion.