Iran also ripe for change
Asia Times / Hossein Askari
05-Nov-2008 (2 comments)

Iran already has one strike called against it - it is on the verge of an economic implosion - and is facing a second and a third strike in rapid succession over the next six months. Indeed, for the first time since the early days of the Iranian revolution in 1979, regime change, more accurately a "velvet" regime change, in Tehran may not be out of the question. If regime change occurs, it will be from self-inflicted economic failures, international economic developments and a thoughtful US response.

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How many more

by Frustrated reader (not verified) on

How many more ‘ayatollahs’ can we have on this site? How many more ‘fatwahs’ can we absorb? Isn’t it time for to adopt a policy of encouraging commentators such as ‘Get real’ to spell out their thought in a more useful format? Instead of thrashing politicians and revealing prophecies such as “We are not dealing with the likes of the Shah…” wouldn’t it be better if ‘Get real’ could come up with an intelligible critique of Hossein Askari’s article? Can ‘Get real’ present a reasonable analysis of Iran’s economic condition, instead? Or, all we deserve is more khaaleh-zanak baazi?


Another whimsical wishful thinking

by Get real (not verified) on

I call it a lot of whimsical wishful thinking at best!

The only change that could possibly happen would be for Khameneii to order Antari to step down and appoint either Velayati, Khatami or some other less controversial loser to the post to please Obama and fool the world.

Besides, the regime has already prepared itself to swiftly knock down and crush anybody who dares challenge it openly. We are not dealing with the likes of the Shah, mullahs will fight tooth and nail to hold on to what they could not even imagine in their wildest dreams 30 years ago.