Gaza In Crisis
Gaza Today / Sameh Habib
14-Nov-2008 (4 comments)

Despite of its claim of being a democratic and humaniterian regime, Israel is commiting genocide.

By the way, I also hate the demonic regime of IRI, so don't start!!

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by smhb on

Sameh Habib,

These zionists criminals. Experts at lying and distorting the truth and as professional thieves and murderers they are also very good playing the role of the victim and actually blaming the victim. Very peculiar psychology, they are actually psychopaths.


Good question. The answer is when you let thieves and murderers and liars do this to you they will until you change it. And thats coming!!

Mehdi Mazloom

Oh ho!!!!!!!

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Ahgha ye Prince

You seem to miss one important element. Hamas leaders INTENTIONALLY AND DELIBERATELY provoke Israel with their rockets on Israeli civilians, to force the IDF and the government of Israel to take steps to stop these idiots.

And when IDF does respond, as any government would do the same. Then Hamas is very quick to show their suffering which was caused by their own leaders. After which gullible and  innocent people like you will fall into their bogus trap, and come  here and cry on their behalf.

Again and again to remind you  and others.

Back in August 2005, Israel had completely withdrawn from Gaza. Not a single Israeli was left their.

Israel had left a massive units of greenhouses in Gaza. which were providing job to 5000 Palestinians.

Two weeks after Israel had left, all these greenhouses were looted, and plants stolen by other Pals themselves - w/o Hamas lifting a finger. 5000 jobs  which were providing decent living to their families were gone.

Instead of rolling their sleeves and get down to the hard work of  building a viable society. Instead  of importing machinery, chemical fertilizers donated by the international communities to build homes, plow their fields, grow crops, build roads and factories. Hamas chose to import weapon. Use the fertilizers to as explosives. Dig tunnels and yes use their industrial base to build useless rockets and other means to conduct wars - rather then build their economies.

I want to see anyone from Israel would dare to stop the Pals from importing machine and  equipment for civilian and peaceful purposes. Since Hamas chose the path of war and  self destruction, they lost any sympathy from the rest of the world - including  their own Arab neighbors.

So before you present your crockdile tears on behalf of Hamas, I would suggest you to see the real picture behind Hamas's real agenda nad intentiions.


what an awful fate

by IRANdokht on

Why do some peopleend up with a whole lifetime of injustice and misery on this earth ?

It's just unfair



Here we go again

by Zion on

Seriously, do you ever get tired of regurgitating this crap?