UK Muslims query on Turkish model
Hurriet Daily News / Fulia Ozerkan
19-Nov-2008 (one comment)

ANKARA - Britain has been seeking new methods in the fight against radical Islam and extremism. A delegation from the British Islamic Community visited Turkey last week and met with officials from Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate. The group questioned how imams sent abroad are trained in Turkey, said a Religious Affairs Directorate official. But they did not make a specific request to import the Turkish method, he said. Turkey has two imams in Britain. The Religious Services Consultancy within the Turkish Embassy in the U.K. is helping Turkish Muslims resolve their religious problems, the unnamed official said. The Religious Affairs Directorate dispatched 125 religious clerics to Europe during the last Ramadan. The latest trip by leading British Muslims came as part of the program "Projecting British Islam" aimed at building networks and partnerships with Muslim communities overseas.


Do you know of a "hadith" which is not fake?

by Ostaad on

The Turks, true to form, have started a "hadith project" to figure out which hadith (Islamic fairy tale) is "original".  My jaw dropped when I read that "a praying room" was built in the British Embassy during the visit of the British Muslims in search of well-trained Turkish emams!  I thought to myself, ajab roozegri shodeh, the Brit "Muslims" go to a head-to-toe Muslim country full of Mosques so how come they need a "praying room" to be built for them in the BRITISH EMBASSY of all places!!!