Michael Jackson converts to Islam
25-Nov-2008 (9 comments)

Jackson, whose once-amazing career has been eclipsed in recent years by reports of bizarre behavior, as well as legal and financial troubles, is said to have changed his name to Mikaeel and taken the shahada -- or made a declaration of belief -- as part of his conversion to Islam, Al-Arabiya said Friday.

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wake up you fools of media war machine

by opta mystic (not verified) on

michael has been innocent the entire time.in fact michael is of the least adulterous people in all of the entertainers and the all too often hollywood glitz bubble inhumanity to the world u hear positive stuff about due to media control and mass control to delude the world for selfish gain vanity and greed.. u people are all fools to the media that's mostly nothing but a scheme for business and finds one of the most charitable people in history as of its biggest threats. michael is a beautiful angelic being and if u actually listened to his music instead of gossip you'd all be more angelic beings and have some gratitude for the amazing blessed love pure soul and heart that is michael jackson, and find that in life in fact EVERYTHING IS SACRED because everything is blessed/cursed by how you perceive it and you yourself are the creator of your destiny, and no demon can ever hurt michael jackson or islam or god's angels or god no matter what u say or believe or do through lies and heresies..(but you will hurt yourself) i pray u wake up all u blood clot vampires!!! ps. as a reference i highly recommend u look up the song "what more can i give" that he wrote and composed for sept. 11th and keep in mind that the industry did not even allow for it to be released, then be the judge please!


Good for him

by Logical (not verified) on

As far as I can remember Michael Jackson was a filty child molestor when he was NOT a Muslim. Now he is going to get better for his own sake. Maybe that's whay this news has really pissed off the usual low-life anti-muslim crowd.

Darius Kadivar

Not surprising for a Bacheh Baz ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Bad Boy ...


jaye taajob nist

by azadi (not verified) on

In baba az moghee ke be jorme bache bazi gereftanesh malom bod ke mosalmone vaghee hastesh o dar maghame ayatollast khodesh khabar nadashtesh.
behar hal mosalmon shodaneshon bar hameye moslemin mobarak. lol


Stay away fro drugs!

by Anonymous iran (not verified) on

Michael Jackson richness and fame had its price.The poor guy having come from not a rich family and from a
African American family lost it when he became super rich.He had all kinds of cosmetic surgery from bleaching his skin white to straightening his hair to getting a nose job.Probably the abuse of drug made him have a personality change.He was caught with kids and he was even caught putting make up on in woman's clothing in a woman's rest room in one of the Persian gulf countries.

American Wife

I can't imagine

by American Wife on

him sinking any lower.


Right at home

by Zion on

given his interests, I'd say that was a good move.


A Homo Joins the Islamic Nation

by Baba on

This would be a better title for your post!


hamino kam dashtim!

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

haaj agha Michael!