'US warns Israel against large IDF ops'
Jerusalem Post
25-Nov-2008 (6 comments)

IDF officials hinted in the past that a preemptive
attack on Iran's nuclear installations might be timed to take place
before the inauguration of US President-elect Barack Obama.

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Mehdi Mazloom

The bottom line

by Mehdi Mazloom on

If Israelis put down their weapons - there will be war.

If the Islamist put down their weapon - there will be peace.


Oldi Zio-Nazis are dying away !

by Baba on

Hopefully their next generation will be smart and not blood thirsty. Wolrd will be a much better place.

Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

At least the  old dogs in Israel have had  60 years of proven accomplishment to show for.

How  much the (real) dogs in Tehran have to show for. Where was it last time IRI was tested on the battleground?.

Lets wait and see. when the time comes.


Israel is no one's dog

by XerXes (not verified) on

They may bark as much as they wish but this old dogs ain't got no more tricks of its sleeves.


Mrs. Mazloom you are too optimistic !

by Baba on

The other way of course !

Mehdi Mazloom

JUST CONECT THE DOTS....................................

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Lets take a look at the overall picture surrounding the regime in Tehran.

1. All the great powers in the world have made it absolutely clear - The regime in Tehran should not have, and will not be allowed to posses nuclear weapons.This regime's fate has been sealed.

2. 80% Iran's income comes from oil. They need a minimum price of $83 / bbl just to meet basic governmental needs. current price is now $50 / bbl and may go down further . (is that a deliberate manipulation by the the west?, Probably!)

3. Unemployment in Iran is 27%, and inflation there is dancing around the 30% mark.

4.  Despite daily production of 4.25M BBL of oil. 40% of its gasoline needs is purchased from foreign (Western) companies outside Iran. These companies have already been told by US and some EU members, "sell your petrol to others, or else", to which they are beginning to comply. Result more gasoline rationing in Iran, and more "dancing: in the streets "marg marg Akhoodah".

5. Hamas and Hizbollah are almost completely dependent on donation from Iran to survive. 

6. Despite the internal economic hardship, the Mullahs spend close to $1B of Iranian money to support subversive terror groups throughout the Middle East & Gulf region.

7. Much like other countries, There is no way on earth, Iran will escape current global financial crises. Soon or later, the treasury will need to bail out Iran's banking System. which is already suffering from boycotted by most of the western countries.  With no one to help them in time of need, where wil they go for help?.   

8. Pressure from the restless young generation is growing in Iran to allow more political and social freedom.

9. There are more then 60 opposition groups surrounding Iran from all sides. Including the dreaded MEK. Almost all of them are being de-listed off the Terror groups in EU & US. Translate that to - Active support with money and Arms.

10. Swarms of foreign agents (sleeper cells) are already stationed in strategic places  throughout the country, ready to act at moments notice to destabilize the regime.

Now, just connect all these dots, then realize that there is no need for military action against Iran. All the west need to do is.

Wait until the regime runs out of cash reserves, while oil prices will be kept low. Result with cut back on many social programs in Iran. riots and most likely a regime change.

The new pro-western regime will drop its support of Hizbollah and Hamas, which will result with their imminent collaps as military forces. 

So you see, with one shot (of sitting back), the west will shoot 3 birds.

All these noises of invasion from Israel, or US are designed to a) cause a sleepless night to the Mullahs, and b) force them to spend their dwindling dollars on useless weapons, in an attempt for this regime try to survive.c) to call its bluff.

Just keep your ears to the ground and hear the noises.