Iran protests at Middle East peace advert featuring Israeli flag
27-Nov-2008 (2 comments)

The Islamic Republic objects "to any move taken by some Arab countries to push the recognition of the occupying Zionist regime in any manner, including in Islamic conferences". It describes Israel as "the illegitimate and fabricated regime"

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Interesting Article Written by a Jewish Attorrney

by Subdural Hematoma (not verified) on

I ran across an interesting article by a Jewish attorney about Israel and Palestine relations. Seems to be consistent with Carter's view in some respects yet different.


Mehdi Mazloom

Iran has a choice

by Mehdi Mazloom on

These dinosaur head Mullahs in Tehran are in their last gasp of fundamentalist breath. Almost no one likes, nor trusts these backwards. They are on their way out. With oil prices are dropping like stone, they are losing the main source of their fund to support terror groups around the world.

If they don't like to see peace in the ME and an end to hatred and wars - they can pick up their marbles and leave.