Iranian court sentences man to be blinded by acid
28-Nov-2008 (11 comments)

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian newspapers say a court has sentenced a man who blinded a woman with acid also to be blinded with acid under the country's Islamic law.

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Did the man receive his sentence?

by Sahand from Isfahan (not verified) on

I am curious to know if the man who threw the acid in the woman's eyes, as well as another youth's eyes previously, received his sentence in accordance with the qisas?


Punishment may make sense in Iran,but

by Anonymous irani (not verified) on

Punishment may make sense in Iran,but whoever passed this judgment does not live in present and does not realize what other countries think about Muslims and Iranians when he passes such a judgment.


Broke my heart...

by Napolean (not verified) on

A look at the face of the girl that IRANdokht posted broke my heart. How can anyone do such a thing to another person is beyond me; but on second thought, how can anyone be as brutal as those who executed so many youths, tortured so many others, and on and on, and still keep doing that in the name of god and religion. Human beings can be so cruel towards each other, specially when they are blinded by emotions and ideology.


I don't have any problem with this punishment

by Hakim (not verified) on

I am trying to be and act like a civilized person of 21st century. To say that governments should punish bad guys in a more human way. But this crime makes me so sick that the punishment for it makes me feel good. Let him taste a bit of his own medicine. That is how I feel today.


The problem is

by Abarmard on

That the law is not similar in the land for everyone. The least fortunate get the "law" but the officials are free to go!

My normal argument in this site (including with father) is that we all know what's wrong with Iran. My dilemma is to adjust the Iranians social movements against modern times. My justifications are there because I love Iran, I am proud of Iranians and I am hopeful. Khatami, a Akhund, presents a good idea to me...equality of the law for everyone, even a high official. He said it, that's imports first step. We have a long way to go. I won't see Iran free in my life time, I just want Iran to move forward, not for me, for Iran.

This stuff is hurtful, but religion is a dangerous weapon once in the hand of the government. I would argue that Iranians today know this more than anytime before in their history. Does that count for anything?


Invention of Islamists too.

by Anonymous Misha (not verified) on

This was also done during shah's time for the reasons of love (as in this case) and also to discourage girls from going out without hejab by orthodox islamists. More common in smaller cities than tehran.

American Wife

VERY good

by American Wife on

Majid jaan.  You're so witty... I think I love you.  :-0


OK...Let's see how an eye for an eye works !

by Majid on

Chief of Tehran Police and 5 other mullahs get naked and pray behind a naked woman.......mmm... they're gonna love that ! 

Head of Zanjaan university to be raped by a female student.....He's gonna love that too!

Ali Kordan gets paid by counterfeit money.....I  am gonna love that !

400 Mullah and Mullah lovers put in REX theatre in Abaadaan....WE are gonna love this one!

OK....that was my contribution, do yours.

American Wife

Vengence is mine...

by American Wife on

I'd not want to be on the jury.  I'm liberal but I would hate to be put to the test of deciding someone's fate for such a heinous crime. 

Darius Kadivar

Indeed Irandokht Jan

by Darius Kadivar on

The problem is that the judiciary delivers justice which is incompatible with civilized values. Obviously the guy was guilty and had to be punished but the example set by society by punishing in return through a similar act says something about how sick that society is. All societies have ills but the cure is to punish acts of sadism and not perpetuate it.

Its Ironic that this news comes out when in Afghanistan ACID Crimes against women have been surging once again.

Where do they get these crazy ideas in the first place ?


Thanks Darius

by IRANdokht on

I just received this link and saw a picture of the poor girl.

 Apparently the guy did not think acid thrown in someone's face would cause as much damage.

Who's going to pour acid in the eyes of the one who carries on this sentence?
an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind...