New Team, Little Time on Iran
Wall Street Journal
02-Dec-2008 (3 comments)

Iran seemed well-equipped to shrug off these outside economic pressures when the price its oil fetched was climbing. The good news for the Obama team is that Iran figures to be more vulnerable to economic pressure now that oil has fallen closer to $50 than $140 a barrel.

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American Wife

how interesting!

by American Wife on

Either my husband is brilliant or he read this article somewhere yesterday...:-)  He was saying the same thing just last night.

Anyhoo... Yek, you need to chill out.  I have to chuckle when I hear people talking about what Israel has or hasn't done in the US, or how they are bleeding us dry.  Just one question... just a little teeny tiny question for you.  How long have you been here? 

Seriously, please answer.  I'm not being confrontational. I just am curious about how long it's taken for you to be an expert on American issues.  How many times you've endured a recession in the US.  How long you've had a retirement account and what is it worth today as compared to say.... 30 years ago?  How many kids have you put through college?  Were you here during WWI or II... did your family participate in WWII and see the horrors visited on the Jewish people? 

So... let's discuss this in depth.  :-)



by Yek-Irani (not verified) on

is sucking the blood and treasure out of America and unfortunately Americans are too dump and hopeless to do anything about it.


So it's all about the Zionistas, isn't it?

by Ostaad on

Nowhere in this piece the US national interests are even mentioned. The author is lamenting the plight of Israel and that's it. The fact is the American people have awaken and realized they need to put their interests ahead of Israel's.  Poeple like James Jones, the new national security advisor to Obama irritate the hell out of the Zionistas and the Israel-firsters precisely because they reflect this new thinking. I'm sure we are going to see more pieces like this in the media, especially right wing rags like the WSJ, but then let the barking dogs bark and scratch themselves begging for the attention they used to get during the bygone days.