Ayatollah Dr. Mehdi Haeri Khorshidi
US House of Representatives / Committee on International Relations '97
06-Dec-2008 (one comment)

While impressive in many ways, this litany of thwarted achievement about which you have heard so much today does not tell the full story. Several other factors need to be understood to fully appreciate why so little international investment has gone into Iran's oil and gas industry to date, and why it could become harder for the United States to keep a lid on in the future."


The Ayatollah vs Ms. Miller

by Ostaad on

This is one of the most important and intersting hearings that took place more than ten years ago, but the arguments are as fresh and pertinent today. The most interesting parts of the hearing, which includes a wide cast of characters from the ever Iranophobe David Clawson and a couple of State Department guys, are the statements of the "Ayatollah" and his bizzare zeal for pushing for sanctions against Iran, and the statements of Sarah Miller, editor-in-chief of the Petroleum Intelligence Weekly. India and Pakistan are even mentioned!!!