The great wall between Iran and the US
Asia Times Online / Mahan Abedin
11-Dec-2008 (5 comments)

As they contemplate their relations with the "Great Satan", Iran's rulers must prioritize long-term ideological and geopolitical goals over short- to medium-term political gains. While full normalization is out of the question (and would in any case take decades to bear fruit) any thaw in any aspect of this complex file will have profound consequences for domestic and international policy. Iran's rulers take pride in projecting their country as the only authentic and serious counter to American power in the world.

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Farhad Kashani

The "wall of mistrust" will

by Farhad Kashani on

The "wall of mistrust" will "go down" when the "IRI regime goes down". Its amazing how these IRI supporters wanna fool themselves to believe that the animosity between the two is America's fault, and not the regressive and dark ideology of the IRI regime.

IRI officials has said it a million times that America wanted to talk the last 30 years, but we didn't want to. These IRI supporters can't understand that a open dialgue with the U.S means a death sentence for the regime in Iran among their supporters. At these point, even if they want to, they CAN'T talk with the U.S.


The Power Bse of the Islamic Republic: Crime Against Humanity!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Those who are wondering how this regime stays in power, just take a look at this news item:

رژیم آخوندها طی شش روز شش زندانی را بهدار آویخت
11:42:25 AM 1387/9/21
اعدام جوانان در ايران

دژخیمان رژیم یك زن جوان باردار را به اعدام محكوم كردند
رژیم آخوندها یك زندانی به نام عباس را در زندان كازرون اعدام كرد (روزنامه قدس 10/12/2008).
سه زندانی دیگر نیز در روز 6دسامبر در زندان زاهدان و دو زندانی25و 27ساله، در روز 2دسامبر در زندان مركزی دستگرد اصفهان اعدام شدند.
بدین ترتیب تنها طی 6روز 6زندانی توسط دژخیمان رژیم آخوندها به چو بههای دار آویخته شدند.
درهمین حال مقامهای قضایی حكومت آخوندها، در روز 4دسامبر، حكم اعدام یك زن جوان 30ساله را تأیید كرد (روزنامه اعتماد -4/12/2008).
بنا بر اخبار روزنامه‌های حكومتی، در یك اقدام شقاوتبار دیگر دژخیمان رژیم یك زن جوان باردار به نام شهلا را به اعدام محكوم كردند. همسر وی نیز به مجازات اعدام محكوم شده است.
مقاومت ایران، توجه عموم سازمانها و مراجع بینالمللى مدافع حقوقبشر، به ویژه كمیساریای حقوقبشر ملل متحد را به اوضاع وحشتبار حقوقبشر در ایران جلب مىكند و خواستار ارجاع پرونده نقض وحشیانه حقوقبشر در ایران، به شورای امنیت ملل متحد برای اتخاذ اقدامهاى لازم الاجرا جهت توقف این روند جنایتبار است.
دبیرخانه شورای ملی مقاومت ایران
21آذر1387 (11دسامبر2008).

This is how this Heyvani-Regime stays in power, not because it has any legitimate, or popular base in Iran.


Interesting article

by Mehdi on

I wish these "anti-American" individuals instead of pointing to "America" as the enemy would point to "imperialistic factions in America." It is not true that all Americans or even all American government is made up of imperialists. By far the majority of Americans are very decent people. One should not take a few bad apples who happen to be in power and paint a dark picture of the whole country.


The article inadvertently

by higherwall (not verified) on

The article inadvertently confirms the IR's Imperial ambitions and it's long-term goal of defeating the zionists and "great Satan".

Expect the wall to get higher, thicker, or perhaps nuked by the "zionist/great satan".


To Ostaad: It takes two to tango

by Advisor (not verified) on

Why don't you advise mullahs to do the same?