EX CIA Chief Tenet Blames Jews for WMD
Atlantic's via huffingtonpost / Jeffrey Goldberg
17-Dec-2008 (one comment)

From "A World Of Trouble," a forthcoming book by Patrick Tyler on the White House and the Middle East:

"They're setting me up. The bastards are setting me up," Tenet said, but "I am not going to take the hit."


"According to one witness, he mocked the neoconservatives in theBush administration and their alignment with the right wing of Israel'spolitical establishment, referring to them with exasperation as, "theJews."

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Didn't blame them for WMD, blamed them for the war

by IraniIrooni (not verified) on

And thankfully we are seeing more and more closer players to the Bush Administration start to admit just how much influence (actually power) the Israeli-led neocon group had over the foreign policy decision making.

I recommend everyone to read the books regarding this matter. Books written by respected and credible authors. You will realize just how much power israel has over the U.S. ... internally! Also, look at who Obama has appointed to his cabinet/staff ... its got the bright neocon shine (Rahm Israel Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, and more and more). This Obama Administration won't be any different from what we had in Bush and Clinton when it comes to foreign policies.