Treasury moves against alleged bank front for Iran
17-Dec-2008 (3 comments)

Treasury said. ASSA Corp. co-owns the 36-story building through a partnership formed with the Alavi Foundation of New York, called 650 Fifth Avenue Co., the government said. The United States alleged that ASSA Corp. "has repeatedly transferred rental income generated from the 650 Fifth Avenue partnership back to Bank Melli through ASSA Co. Ltd."

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give the money to the Zionist thieves like Madoff

by no_name (not verified) on

If the US treasurey and financial system was not so infletrated by traitors who'll take the side of Israel over America, perhaps they would have reacted quicker to thieves like Madoff or Israeli spies who work for thinktanks and other organization. If the foundation is funding IRI or their sympathizers they should be stopped, but the US laws should apply to all.



by LOL (not verified) on

Marg Bar Dictator! (a common motto these days in Iran, implying to Ahmadinejad's policy)?!!

I thought I had heard that motto before repeatedly during the last 30 years long before anybody knew Ahmadinejad.

Are you saying that he is the only dictator in the whole Islamic Republic dictatorial establishment and Khatami, Rafsanjani & Co. are benevolent freedom lovers?


Billions are wiped out from Iran's assets

by Kaveh the Plumber (not verified) on

In the time that U.S. desperately needs money and prints money left and right, a few billions from Ahmadi's government and the poor nation of Iran, is a high five for Bush and associates. Indeed, Ahmadinejad has wiped Iran's foreign assets from the world's map by the time he leaves office in June 2009.

Marg Bar Dictator! (a common motto these days in Iran, implying to Ahmadinejad's policy)