Obama's options on Iran
LA Times / Hosein Askari
18-Dec-2008 (3 comments)

If Obama takes stock of these developments, he'll realize there is no need to rush to engage Iran. Iran is no superpower, after all. Its GDP is less than 2% of that of the U.S. Its military is puny; Iran fought Saddam Hussein for eight years and could not advance even 100 miles into Iraq, so it hardly represents a military threat to the United States or Israel. The large U.S. military presence in the region can easily keep Iran in check. Even if Iran is striving to develop nuclear weapons, it is at least three years away. All Iran can do is fan the flames against U.S. interests through surrogates such as Hezbollah and Hamas.


His real name is Moshe

by Ostaad on

Mr. Askari either hopes to be an Iranian Shalabi or he's a neo-con with an Iranian sounding name. I am glad nobody has asked this character to play a role in Obama's administration. His "advice" is dangerous because there is no guaranty the price of oil will stay low for too long (luck has always been on the Mollahs' side). The other danger is Obama can strengthen the hardliners' hand by dragging his feet as Mr. Askari is advising him to do. Foot dragging does not prove a "position of strength", it did not work for George Bush, it will not work for Obama either.


Farhad Kashani

Vast majority of Iranians

by Farhad Kashani on

Vast majority of Iranians want the regime to be removed, so,I guess they are all "Moshe"s also!!!

What a shame that there is still Iranians out there who support the regime that had made Hitler look like an angel!




To Ostaaad: What makes you so sure that mullahs want truce?

by Inquiring minds (not verified) on

Obama has so many advisors who are a whole lot more knowledgable and educated about Iran's internal conditions that he does not need MR. Askari or alike to tell him what to do.

Beside, what make you so sure that mullahs want real negotiation with the U.S.?

I am not talking about unending negotiations for the sake of negotiations or unending talks for the sake of talks but negotiations to yield real solid results.

How can they part with their thirty year old policy of chanting death to America, death to Israel, blaming all the shortcomings in the country on America and Israel to justify their incompetence?!

How can they part with their thirty year old policy of financial and logistical support for groups America recognizes as terrorists but mullahs call liberators?

The animosty with America is the basic lying foundation of the Islamic Republic.