Former general: Israel can't defeat Iran
19-Dec-2008 (4 comments)

"To our regret, there is no Israeli military capability that would enable us to reach a situation whereby Iran's nuclear capabilities are destroyed without the possibility of recovery," he said. "The maximal achievement that Israel can accomplish is to disrupt and suspend Iran's nuclear program."

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Easier said than done!

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

Israel and USA love to see IRI change its attitude toward them,but it is not easy.USA has tried everything,but nothing seems to work.The reason is that IRI has some support within Iranian population and that would make it difficult to make a change.Threats have not worked and drastic measurement such as an attack on Iran is too risky because of possible Iran's retaliation and its consequences in the region and the whole world.


Kashani, who died that you became...

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

the spokesman for the "Iranian People"?!!! The present regime in Iran is a despicable regime and it has to go. But your support for "defeating" it smacks of your not well concealed zeal that some foreigners do it for you the same way GW "liberated" Iraq. In fact the "Zionist" would have had no problems with the present regime if it would "play ball" and look the other way accepting Israel/US atrocities in the region.

Farhad Kashani

Iranian people want to see

by Farhad Kashani on

Iranian people want to see IRI "defeated" also, I guess they are "Israel" also!!!! Anyone who wants to see IRI defeated is a "Zionist"!!!!


iran cannot be defeated by israel

by an iranian (not verified) on

these are all games. some say israel should attack and will definately succeed and some say the opposit from Israeli or foreign sources. one thing is certainly clear that almost all israelis are agreed that israel can absolutly not accept the fanatic and enemy of jews posess nuclear bomb. to the israelis and jews all over the world this could be another holocost. only for that reason israel has no choice but to try to eliminate this dangerous bomb. History shows when the existance of israel in danger they won't hesitate to use their ultimate powerfull weapon. which is most of the world know the kind of the weapon might be. the result is that mullahs are playing a very dangerous games that might destroy our beautiful beloved country. many dictors and regims like hitler and others had a high desire to eliminate the jews. none of them are existed. jewish nation is alive.