Secular Turks 'facing prejudice'
19-Dec-2008 (4 comments)

The study, called "Being Different in Turkey", links this directly to the presence of the religious conservative AK Party in government. It details widespread social pressure on non-devout Muslims to attend Friday prayers, fast during the month of Ramadan or wear a headscarf.

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The Zionism "disease" enabled some to steal a lot of land to...

by Ostaad on

create a country. How come it became a "precipice" when it comes to the Moslems?!


The Precipice

by Zion on

Turkey is standing at the edge of the precipice now. If it does not manage to rid itself of this Islamist disease, it will fall, most probably never to rise again.


This shows the Turkish "secularists" have been...

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

great teachers of intolerance and despotism in Turkey. Now the shoe is on the other foot and they can't take it. The Turkish "secularist" have consistently violated the majority of Turk's human rights, treated the mainstream religious people with contempt and discrimination, suppressed democracy, which ironically only functioned when the Eslami parties came to power (let's not forget the military coups and oppression the so-called secularists heaped on the Turks whenever there was a hint of democratic reform). I have no reason to challenge this study's conclusions but I am sure the situation with come to an equilibrium where the religious Turks and the secularist, only those who respect their fellow countrymen and women's rights, will coexist. Iran is not a model for anyone, thank god.


So sorry for the secular

by A.16 (not verified) on

So sorry for the secular Turks. I'm afraid their country someday ends up in a disaster like Iran's. Mullahs are like viruses, very hard to get rid of. Antibiotics don't work.