Let Russia Stop Iran
21-Dec-2008 (2 comments)

NINE months have passed since the United Nations Security Council approved its most recent resolution imposing sanctions on Iran. That resolution, like its two predecessors, has failed to deter Tehran, which will soon be in a position to create a working nuclear weapon. Western intelligence establishments estimate that date as not later than mid-2010. The problem with any Security Council resolution is that Russia and China, two of the five permanent members, have refused to adopt biting measures. Without tougher sanctions, there is no hope that Iran will reconsider its determination to make a bomb and finally begin to negotiate seriously with the West. Sanctions that would hurt Iran, like an embargo on its imports of gasoline, could deter Tehran from pursuing the bomb.

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The Middle East will see peace if , only if,...

by Ostaad on

Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Israel (with Pakestan and Afghanestan both as oververs with chances to join the pact) become part of a comprehensive security balnket staffed and managed by them but under the hands-off "guidance" of the US/NATO. The fact is Isael has realized there will be big changes in the ME's geopolitical map, and Iran's importance to the US plans for the ME is a fact Israel must recon with. Israel's biggest concern is to be "in the gaem". Israel cannot afford to be left out of the negotiations so it must be involved either by direct participaion, or what I call an Uncle Sam piggy back. Therefore we are going to see numerous position papers, plans and advice coming out of Israel and groups associated with its interests in the US. I have found the ones that I have read very paragmatic and workable. This article seems to advocate negotiations but they are very stingy with their "carrots". What they want Iran to do is what has been asked of Iran before by the 5+1ers and it has been no go for obvious reasons. Asking Russia not to sell "conventional" arms to Iran is another ploy being pushed by the Zionistas to get to their blanket embargo authorization which Russia and China have been depriving Iran's enemies. Israel, as a main source of instability in the ME, will have to do precious little to help in the matters of peace in the ME. In short these authors may as well take a number. Everybody and his cousins seem to be interested in finding a way to peace, but as long as they don't have to give up much. 



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"Oded Eran is the director of the Institute for National Security Studies. Giora Eiland, a retired major general in the Israeli Army, and Emily B. Landau are senior research associates at the institute."

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