Iran's Dismal Record on Rights
Washington Post
26-Dec-2008 (3 comments)

In shutting down the country's foremost human rights organization before an event marking the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Iranian government reveals a great deal about its attitude toward human rights.

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John: stop preaching us and go sell your wars somewhere

by zionist detector (not verified) on

else. You have been on this website before and I'm familiar with your viewpoint. You hate Muslims and Middle Easterns. You prefer zionist and jews. And you like to preach to us "the backward Iranians" how to behave in America. OK? Now, as far as I'm concerned you have nothing new to say and you are in bed with the zionists.


Actions and Reactions

by John on

It's called self-defense Mr Zionist Detector.  When your neighbours are raining rockets down upon your head should you be obliged to continue supplying him with resources which enable him to continue the assault?

IRI sucks, Israel sucks and so does my vacuum cleaner.  Let's try to understand the causes and effects instead of continuing with our knee-jerk reactions and labeling everything as Zionist just because we hate Israel and Jews.


Iran's record is bad & Israel's is worse, The United Nations

by zionist detector (not verified) on

last week condemned Israel for the worst kind of human rights violations. It had to do with the cutting of fuel, food supplies, medical supplies to Palestinain refugees who live in Gaza Strip. Hospitals can't run their equipments to save patients because of lack of electricity.

Sewer system in Gaze Strip is shut down due to the lack of electricity and creating hundreds of sick children who play outside and drink the water. Power generators cannot create electricity due to fuel embargo imposed by Israel.

IRI's record is dismal and Israel's record is criminal when it comes to human rights.