Iran is coming to grips with Barack Hussein Obama
The Daily Star Lebanon / Karim Sadjadpour
28-Dec-2008 (2 comments)

But while a majority of Iran's population and a sizable chunk of its political elite recognize that the "death to America" culture created in 1979 is obsolete, small but powerful cliques - both within Iran and among the country's Arab allies - have entrenched economic and political interests in preventing a rapprochement with the US. Domestically, Iranian hard-liners recognize that improved ties with the US could catalyze political and economic reforms that would undermine the quasi-monopolies they enjoy with the country in isolation.


Why the fuss? Iran Loves the US,

by Ostaad on

The US should start showing its "good" intentions by lifting the non-UNSC-mandated sanctions  against Iran. These sanctions are  illegal and they have mainly hurt the Iranian people more than they have influenched the IRI decision makers. The Iranian people must make sure they can have a descent living without depending on the government. That's the only time it would make sense for the Iranian people to make the necessary changes.



ma hamisheh hameh chi ro moft mikhaym

by Dose of reality (not verified) on

I know it is in our Iranian blood to demand/want everything wihtout giving back anything in return!! hameh chi ro moft mikhaym va hamisheh ham khar ro mikhaym ham khorma!

Legal or illegal, the US will not lift sanctions without getting something back in return from mullahs. There is a give-and-take in any kind of bargain and compromise!