Mideast Peace Rests With Arabs, Not U.S., Europe
Bloomberg / Bernard Lewis
07-Jan-2009 (6 comments)

In several Arab countries at the present time, and in wider Arab circles, there is a growing perception that once again they face a danger more deadly and menacing than Israel at its worst: the threat of militant, radical Shiite Islam, directed from Iran.

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Re: Dose of reality

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

No, my point is the Israeli/US situation in the Middle-East. Iran is percieved as a champion against foreign intervention. In the poll I mentioned, Ahmadinejad came in third of the most popular leaders in the world. BUT when they were asked about which country they wanted to live in of those in the ME, Iran came on the end of it.

So no one is talking about emulating the internal politics of Iran, I dont enjoy a bit of Irans internal politics, but its foreign policy is mostly strong and nationally strategic, and does hold a huge popularity in the ME:

Plus, asking expat syrian and lebanese students abroad gives you a wrong picture. They have most likely not experienced the carnage of the 2006 war, for example, first hand. You have to go to these countries to experience it. Trust me. Especially in South of Lebanon.. they live well off Iranian money down there..

Not that I mind them having the cash, but we need it back home much more.


To Toofan: marg khoobeh vali baray e hamsayeh

by Dose of reality (not verified) on

"If you dont believe me, travel to Syria, Travel to Lebanon, talk with people there, go to the cafe's and stores, tell them your Iranian and see the reaction. "

I don't have to travel to those countries, on my university campus and in my classes, I have got students from all the above countries. Almost all of them shake their heads with astonishment when they find out I'm Iranian and say "you guys really f***d up your country with your revolution!"

I assure you absolutely none of them want Syria or Lebanon to emulate Iran and its government no matter what so I don't know why they consider mullahs a champion of the region when they do not even want the same champions we've got in Iran for themselves. Marg khoobeh vali baray e hamsayeh!!!!!

The only unexaggreated truthful claim in your statements can be found where you say that the Iranian rule is certainly not a champion for its own people.


Yes, they fear Iran, you clown

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Thats why Nasrallah was voted as the most beloved leader in the region by Arabs, second came Bashar Al Assad of Syria, and in third came Irans very own clown, Ahmadinejad.

Yes.. they fear radical Iran over Israel that has killed over 600 "arabs" over the last 5 days. They fear radical Iran more than the US that has killed a million of them over the last 7 years.. Are you FU##ING SERIOUS?? Does this writer really believe that the majority of the Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis are that stupid?? They know who their real enemies are. What divisive foreign BS. If you dont believe me, travel to Syria, Travel to Lebanon, talk with people there, go to the cafe's and stores, tell them your Iranian and see the reaction.

Maybe Bernard Lewis was quoting the arab leadership, the cleptocratic emirs and sheiks, and not the arab populace, yes, they fear Iran, because if they continue licking the lower parts of Israel and the US, they will be hanging from the gallows very soon by their own peoples.

The sad irony of this is that the Iranian rule has become a champion of the regional people, exept for its own..

Bloomberg.. we write bull¤hit, you swallow it. And your welcome


After Iraq, Iran's influence in Sunni Afghanistan

by Ajamollah (not verified) on


Smoke & screen...

by Ajam (not verified) on

What an utterly baseless piece of propaganda: "This is seen as a double threat. Iran, a non-Arab state with a long and ancient imperial tradition, seeks to extend its rule across the Arab lands toward the Mediterranean."

When was the last time that Iranian troops ventured byond its borders?! 300 years ago? When was the last time Israel occupied Arab lands? Today! All this propaganda is to divert attention from the ongoing Israeli agressions and growing (as we speak) settlemnts in Palistinian lands!


Sunni / Shiite Islam

by Nader1234 (not verified) on

Can we all play nice together.