Iran takes advantage of Gaza crisis
08-Jan-2009 (6 comments)

Iran's official media paint a picture of a country in ferment, outraged by the Israeli attack on Gaza. The parliamentary speaker, Ali Larijani, said Israel's actions were worse than the Nazis during World War II. The Iranian government does not want to see any deal in Gaza that restricts Iran's ability to send weapons and money to Hamas.

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by Shahyad on

BLA BLA BLA....... 

As to the objectives: discarding the evil, crushing it anddefeating it, so that truth may prevail, homelands revert [to theirowners], calls for prayer be heard from their mosques, announcing thereinstitution of the Muslim state. Thus, people and things will revert totheir true place......

And this becomes an individual duty(25) binding on everyMuslim man and woman; a woman must go out and fight the enemy even withouther husband's authorization, and a slave without his masters' permission !!!

[Peace] initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and theinternational conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are allcontrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement.

Those conferences are no more than a means to appoint the nonbelievers as arbitrators in the lands of Islam. Since when did the 

Unbelievers do justice to the Believers? 

There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. 



The destruction of Israel--PERIOD ! 


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Hizballah for your mamma!!!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I love the names monarchists have for me. Hizballah, Haji mamacita etc....

I think neither side really wants peace. More fighting, more money, more sympathy from stupid jerks. Innocents are dying. No problemo? right?

And if you think Israel is after peace through bombs and guns, please, please, give me what you smoke/snort. It's gotta be good to get you that wasted to believe that! 

Iranian Reader

Listen DK,

by Iranian Reader on

I totally appreciate you. I even think it should be a feather in the monarchists' cap to count someone like you as a supporter and I am far from being a virulent Pahlavi-hater, but... among friends, let me tell you that I have come to the conclusion that this massacre is so out of bounds that any help that Hamas or Hezbollah can get to fight it is justified. If the IRI is the only one who has the balls to do it, if Chavez is the only one with balls to kick the Israeli ambassador out of his country, then so be it... The Israeli and American bastards have left no other choice.

I detest Ahmadinejad but he is no coward. Cowards are those who are silent.


Mullahs are the real culprits in all this bloodshed

by An observer (not verified) on

Iran's Larijani slams proposals on Gaza
Reuters - World News
Jan 8, 2009

BEIRUT - A senior Iranian politician on Thursday described proposals put forward by Middle Eastern and European states to end the Gaza conflict as "honey injected with poison" that would not protect Palestinian rights.

Ali Larijani, a major figure in the Islamic Republic and its speaker of parliament, was apparently referring to ideas put forward by Egypt and France to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas, which is backed by Tehran.

"These plans were called plans to deal with massacres in Gaza. Some of these plans were proposed by some of the states in this region and some of them were put forward by some of the European states," Larijani told reporters in Beirut.

"We agree that these proposals do not protect the rights of the Palestinian people. These proposals are proposals ... resembling honey injected with poison," he said after talks with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

Larijani met Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Damascus on Wednesday. No details emerged from their deliberations and little is known on the advice Iran and Syria, another backer of Hamas, have given the group during its conflict with Israel.

Saeed Jalili, a senior Iranian security official, also met Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials in Damascus this week.

Larijani was visiting Lebanon together with the parliament speakers of Syria and Indonesia. "As a troika, we are looking for logical and reasonable solutions," he said.

Israel, Hamas and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have entered talks with Egypt to try to agree terms of a ceasefire in Gaza, where more than 750 people have been killed since Israel began its offensive against Hamas on December 27.

At the United Nations, diplomats said on Thursday the United States, Britain and France had dropped objections to a binding U.N. resolution on Gaza and are talking to Arab states about one urging an immediate ceasefire.


To Hizbullahi Marge: Hamas does not want peace

by Unbiased observer (not verified) on

I posted a very clean polite response to the above post but JJ as usual deleted it for no reason.

Hamas or as Israelis call them Khamas does not want peace PERIOD

They could not even get along with their own fellow Palestinian countrymen and women in Fatah! gimme a break!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Your use of emoticons is getting sophisticated

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on


Are you surprised? did you NOT see this coming from ten billion miles away? The US refuses to talk to Hamas, who do you think Hamas will turn to for help? Switzerland?