Iran bans volunteers from fighting Israel
AP / Ali Akbar Dareini
09-Jan-2009 (4 comments)

"I thank the pious and devoted youth who have asked to go to Gaza ... but it must be noted that our hands are tied in this arena," Khamenei said on state television. He did not elaborate how Iran would help Hamas in other ways.

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How they are going to get visa?

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

How these volunteers are going to get visa from Israel or is Iran going to drop them off in Israel by parachutes?:))


Arash, do you have any evidence Iran is sending weapons to Hamas

by Ostaad on

"through tunnels", or you're just parroting Zionists' propaganda?


Islamic Republic is too coward to face Israel face to face

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

Without doubt no government spreads so much hot air propaganda as the IRI.Certainly if they can send weapons through tunnels to Gaza then they can also send troops to Gaza through the same tunnels.
The reason IRI does not send troops is because they have always in the last 30 years been too frightful to confront Israel or american troops face to face as they are cowards and too fearful.


I guess mullahs might have that much wisdom not to ...

by An observer (not verified) on

give any excuses to Obama and the world over before Obama takes office mid this month, because they know one way or the other they've got to deal with him over their nukes later on.

For now, it suffices them to use their proxies in Lebanon and Gaza as they always have and convey their messages through their cyberwarriors of different shapes, forms and genders on different websites.