Incoming secretary of state Clinton to name Dennis Ross as top adviser on Mideast, Iran
Haaretz / AP
10-Jan-2009 (2 comments)

Holbrooke and Ross have long histories of involvement in some of the most intense diplomatic negotiations in U.S. history.

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Change we can believe in

by ghalam-doon on

Dennis Ross, the AIPAC man who served the Bush Sr. and then Clinton administrations as a Middle East mediator, before returning to the AIPAC is our new man in Tehran.

So this is what Obama meant by "change."

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."


"We don't get fooled again!"


AIPAC's Ross is envoy to Iran! Hell no! Where is the "change?"

by gol-dust on

As a former Hillary supporter, for the first time I am happy that she lost! Boy she is in AIPAC's poket! Ross the Israeli envoy to Iran? I guess, the real change is no change! What the hell is that? Continuation of the same AIPAC garbage! Politics as usual. No peace in Middle East!

Damn! At least I don't need to wait and see what the change towards Iran would be! Ross the israeli talking to Iran? I guess Obama is like any other US politician who is in AIPAC's poket! Ross can go to hell, not Iran!