Clinton Sympathizes with Palestinians in Confirmation Hearing
The Huffinton Post / Ryan Grim
13-Jan-2009 (3 comments)

Mainstream American politicians are famously reluctant to utter the words "suffering" and "Palestinian" in the same sentence. By breaking from that tradition, Clinton appeared to send a signal to Israel that that it would not have a free hand to operate in the Middle East.

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Is that it?

by ghalam-doon on


Now we have to celebrate?

Hillary has admitted that Palestinians are suffering. But she doesn't say why they're suffering. She implies they suffer because of rockets and not because of Israeli attrocities. 

Is this progress? Does it mean Hilary is not a Zionist sympathizer anymore? Well even Sharon and Olmert have said the same things.

A change we can believe in, that's for sure.LOL




Hillary's views about IRI

by Aab roo Atish (not verified) on


To Ostaad: I sm sure next she will praise Ali Khameneii!

by Wishful (not verified) on

Hold your breath and keep your fingers crossed!