Israel hopes Iran and Hezbollah get message of Gaza offensive
The Los Angeles Times
18-Jan-2009 (3 comments)

"If there is a cease-fire and a perception that Hamas was defeated, it will put even more pressure on them, and on the Iranians, to strike to achieve a balance," an Israeli security official said on condition of anonymity, citing security reasons. "It's a war of the narrative. The one who controls the narrative is the one who wins."

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Definite Improvement

by Zion on

The impressive thing about this war was all the signs of Israel having learned from past experience in Lebanon and adapted its tactics.

Mehdi Mazloom

Hamas is kaput

by Mehdi Mazloom on

It is interesting to note the pattern and the manner by which this ceasefire was declared.

Unlike the past, where Hamas was treated as an legitimate and elected official governing body for the Pals in Gaza. This time around its leadership is treated as a non-relevant , and non-consequential entity.

That hurts the lunitecs in gaza more then the military defeat. 

From now on, we will see all decisions regarding the future of gaza will be made without consultation, nor even consideration of Hamas. 


One can be sure that, if Hizbollah does challange Israel, the same tactics and patern will be repeated with them. 


What the "Israeli security official" didn't narrate...

by Ostaad on

a big hole in the Zionists' narrative is why Iran and Hezbollah did not open a second front which Israel was so worried about. Iran and the Hezb saved Israel from another humiliating defeat which has more to do with Hamas's incompetence and other reasons. Much more info will come to light later and the "narrative" will change to committing war crimes, electioneering and covering up Olmert and his gangs personal problems related to corruption and political wheeling and dealing, not to mention the Obama factor. The "narrative" is not what the Zionistas want simpletons like Fred to believe.