EU looks to take Iran group off terror list
22-Jan-2009 (2 comments)

BRUSSELS, Jan 22 (Reuters) - European states have reached a preliminary agreement to remove exiled Iranian opposition group the People's Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI) from an EU list of banned terrorist groups, diplomats said on Thursday.

The agreement, reached among EU envoys, must still win final approval from foreign ministers of the 27 EU states at a meeting in Brussels on Monday. It follows a string of European court decisions against the blacklisting of the group.

"The deal has been done. It (the PMOI) will be delisted," said one EU diplomat, although he stressed the decision would not become operative until ministers gave their approval.

The PMOI is the group which exposed Iran's covert nuclear programme in 2002. It began as a leftist-Islamist opposition to the late Shah of Iran and has bases in Iraq. Western analysts say its support in Iran is limited because of its collaboration with Iraq during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war.

PMOI allies have repeatedly accused the EU -- which has led efforts to persuade Iran to curb its nuclear programme -- of seeking to "appease" Tehran by keeping the group blacklisted.

Groups on the list -- which also include Palestinian Hamas and Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers -- have their assets frozen.

In the latest legal setback to the inclusion of PMOI on the list, the European Court of First Instance in December annulled an EU attempt to keep the group's assets frozen after e... >>>

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didnt us senate aproved 400

by king david (not verified) on

didnt us senate aproved 400 milion to fund terrorisem against iran ? ( tax payer money going to baluchi drug lords) and another 2 trilion to fight it ?

so there is good and bad terrorists ..the good ones gets funded .. MKO terror killed over 6000 including americans , but they are good terrorists , hamas is listed as terrorist by EU , last i checked they got %90 of votes in gaza , thats bad terrorist


The ultimate in Hypocracy

by Mani1765 (not verified) on

The western governments again manage to reach a new low.
They blame Iran for supporting terrorism and they are seriously considering removing MKO from the terrorist list. MKO is founded on two principals: Terrorism and Treason. They've assasinated Iranian civilians, american civilians and military personnel, kurdish civilians and fought thier own country under the payroll of Saddam.
Can the European governments get ANY LOWER?