'US and Iran Share an Equal Monopoly on Violence'
Antiwar.com / Omid Memarian
25-Jan-2009 (2 comments)

We could bomb Tehran, but what does that get you? Nothing.

Mohammad Alireza

Why Bush Did Not Attack Iran

by Mohammad Alireza on

Interview with Robert Baer, former top CIA operative.


khaleh mosheh

More accurately it sounds like...

by khaleh mosheh on

US/Israel having a monoply of violence and Iran having an effective deterrence strategy- at least so far.


Afterall it was Fox Fallon who said These guys (ie Iranians) are Ants and when the time  comes we will crush them...

Personally I am also very glad that the IRI has an effective deterrent startegy- I really can not think of American Sodiers in Shiraz, Esfahan, Mashahd, Tehran, Ahvaz etc or Israeli white phosphorus falling on Bandar Abbass ,without feeling sick to my stomach.