Apocalypse in 2012?
27-Jan-2009 (2 comments)
  • December 21, 2012, marks the end of a 5,126-year cycle on a Mayan calendar
  • Some think the date is ominous, others say it may signal the dawn of a new era
  • Theories are fabricated on the basis of very little evidence, Maya scholar says
  • "The whole year leading up to it is going to be just crazy," another scholar warns
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    The Art of Dis/Mis-information

    by Hamid Javanbakht (not verified) on

    It's all b.s., the Tavistock institute is pretty good at that stuff too, 99% of conspiracy related, apocalyptic predictions are way off base, they're trying to sell it to an unwitting public, truth is humans will more likely destroy themselves from germs. I consider most of the stuff in the below material also to be dis/mis-information, even the most sincere believers are full of it, we are just one of many species who are not being interfered with, our pale blue dot exists with many other species in a holoversal array of spacetimes, big deal, nothing new, it's always been that way...our good thoughts/words/deeds/prayers manifests reality, not unlike Solaris.

    To quote Werner von Braun, "I have learned to use the word 'impossible' with the greatest caution."



    Return of Planet X

    by Izzy (not verified) on


    They have made a few good films on 2012: Keanu Reeves (The Earth), Nicholas Cage (Knowing), and Tom Hanks (Angels and Demons). If you like a survival guide pamphelet, please read Return of the Planet X. It took six years in writing. It is approaching our solar system by the middle of this summer and by the year 2012 is going to approach our atmosphere. There is a famous series by Dr. Sitchen on Planet Nibiru. 5000 years ago, the Annunaki Race crashed with their spacecraft into the waters of Arabian Sea and washed ashores of the Persian Gulf into modern Iraq and named the land SUMER. They build a space station at Nippur. One of the stations was called EDEN. They fashioned Humanoid and called him ADAM. Once the flood of NOAH took place, the Garden of Eden was destroyed and the Annunaki race which had landed from Planet Nibiru in search of gold were destroyed. In the Bible, on Genesis 6, there is a scripture that says, "IN THOSE DAYS, THERE WERE GIANTS AMONG MEN." These giants had spaceports in Mexico and Peru in Latin America, Egypt, and Stonehenge in England, too. In 1947, three UFOs crashed into Rosewell, New Mexico, and 10 years ago, they named a town north of Las Vegas called Rachel with an Alien Inn. It is a famous conpiracy that is going around and NASA is pushing for it to reveal our true origins.