'Iran talks an opportunity for Israel'
The Jerusalem Post / ETGAR LEFKOVITS
27-Jan-2009 (5 comments)

"On the issue of Iran, the aims of the US and Israel are identical," Halevy said in an address to the gathering of the New York-based World Jewish Congress in Jerusalem. "If they want to try a different way on Iran we should not consider this as a threat but as an opportunity."


Thus said Mossad

by Ostaad on

If you cannot beat them, join them. Apparently the Zionistas have "come around" - with their tails between their legs, of course.


Mehdi Mazloom

Osraad, look at it with right prespecive

by Mehdi Mazloom on

You wrote:

The US has made it very clear it is not against an "Eslami" regime per
se, for example the US has no fundamental opposition to the Islamic
nature of the Turkish goverment

nah..... you seem to miss the point. US has made it clear with words, ntt deeds. Iran today is being governed by a fundamentalist religious nuts. No western government support such a fundamentalist group who goes around and support terror group or otherwise calls to destroy another state, only because they are not as nuts as themselves.

Turkey, is far different then Iran. maybe your argument would have been plausible before 1979, when Iran was more secular then it is today. beside, Turkey's constitution is based and guided by Western and secular values, guarded by the powerful military force in that country. In fact, since 1923, when modern Turkey was founded, the Turkish Military had to step in and remove the religious nuts who tried to stree the country back to the dark ages of Islam.

Israel want nothing to do with the current regime in Tehran. you assumption simple do not make sense.


You wrote:

Israel is at the end of its rope...

You seem to listen to too many bed times stories from that akhmag-e-nejad. What rope are you talking about about mister. 

Israel has never been stronger in its history as it is today. It is one of the 20th riches countries in the world. It is a number one in the world with per capita graduates of engineers, scientists, and other academic disciplines then any other nation on earth.

Israelis have never changed governments by the power of their bullets, rather by the ballots.

If you are talking about end of the rope of the current government. Yes, it is just about to elect its new PM through a democratic and open election.

I can assure you that, if we compare the stability of government between Israel and the Mullahs in Iran, Israel government will outlast the Iranians by a long time.



Mehdi, the scenario you're presenting is both plausible and...

by Ostaad on

desirable for Iran, the US and all others involved except "this regime" and the one in Israel. The US has made it very clear it is not against an "Eslami" regime per se, for example the US has no fundamental opposition to the Islamic nature of the Turkish goverment; the US had no problems with its puppet goverment in Afghanestan to be called the Eslamic Republic of Afghanestan, furthermore, the US has been working very closely with Ayatollahs of Iraq and other Iraqi parties with Eslami principles - working with the fundementalist Wahhabis doesn't seem to be a problem so far. The US has made it clear it opposes "the regime in Tehran" and I'm certain once this gang is gotten rid of, there will be clerics in the future government of Iran whom the US will be happy to work with. The trick is to achieve the goal of ridding Iran without war, because that would be the only factor which would save their amammehs from oblivion.

Israel is a different story. Israel loves "this regime" to death. This regime is a gift to the Zionists that keeps giving. Israel will be at a big disadvantage once this regime is gone becuause after the collapse of the USSR the Iranian regime is the ONLY excuse to maintain the Apartheid regime in the region alive. Ironically the collapse of the Iranian regime will cause the demise of the Zionistas, their occupation and the religion-based land grab.

That's why there's such a big rift among the ruling Zionistas in Israel when it comes to dealing with Iran. Israel is at the end of its rope just as the regime in Iran and since I believe they are two sides of the same coing, the demise of both regime would be a gift to the peoples of both nations and others.

Mehdi Mazloom

The Real agenda behind. it.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

You two seem to miss few cruicial elements.

The whole so-call dialog with the Mullahs, is just a set up. Put the akhoonda in situation, where they are damn is the do, damn if they don't. Either way they will end up losing.

You need to read between the lines to what Ha-Levy was saying . This dude knows what he is talking about.

here is how it works.

We are fast approching the day of reckoning with the Mullahs ill fated military nuk. program.

Obama will render himself as the good guy, who is trying to depart from Bush's doctrine, and open up an new page with Iran. Don't fall into this. The guy is no dummy. He is miles ahead of these Mullahs in Tehran.he will play the good guy, while Israel will continue to play the bad guy.

Knowing full well of the outcome from the Mullahs, at first, US will be entering into dialog with the Mullahs. Gently the US and the West will "advise" the Mullahs to drop their Uranium enrichment. In exchange of open diplomatic relation with US. That should make the Mullahs look good (They tamed the big US of A) to the Iranian people, after which it could consolidate their grip in Tehran.

HOWEVER, Since the Mullahs already had boxed themselves in with their declaration to "stand up to the imperialists", and continue with their enrichment program, no matter what - responding to the US proposal, will put eggs on their face, and could be perceived as appeasing the big shay-toon. That is a very big no no in the Iran these days.

As we all know, Khe-ja-lati (shame) is a very big deal in the ME. The mullahs obviously must keep their charade to maintain their credibilities with the crowed. They will refuse to cooperate.

That would be exactly what Israel & US are waiting for.  After which US will be in perfect position to say to the world, "you see we have tried to reason with the Mullahs". They are the one who refuse to work with the new President, who wished to resolve this issue in diplomatic manner.

You see, if the Mullahs cooperate with US, it will be as surrender to the dreaded US. If they don't, then the Mullahs have set themselves up for far more pressure them befor.

All bets will off. US and the rest of the International then will have legitimate excuse to move on the regime to replace it with secular.

So, I think Obama's hidden agenda is to set the regime in Tehran for regime change, rather then "work" with them to resolve the issue of nuclear program.

Akhmag-e-nejad (if he gets re-elected) has just pushed the button for this regimes own demise.

Stay tuned.


khaleh mosheh

I was surprised

by khaleh mosheh on

to see  conciliatory talk from the virtual blogging/fact spinning army of zion.

guess the orders are issued from the mother ship after an atrocious mission failure (non the less very lethal) in gaza and obama begining to show his hand.