Egypt attacks Iran and allies in Arab world
29-Jan-2009 (3 comments)

"(They tried) to turn the region to confrontation in the interest of Iran, which is trying to use its cards to escape Western pressure ... on the nuclear file,"

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by Ostaad on

How does zeroing in on "that issue" help the Iranian people, the Israelis and the Palestinians, whom you seem to consider as non-entities?! I call a spade a spade, yes IRI is a despotic and non-democratic regime that must go for the benefit of all Iranians, but some Zionists' "predisposition" to the Zionistan seems to prevent them from seeing the regime in Israel as the aggressor, criminal and occupier. Whatup with that?


Each to their own

by Fred on

Some Iranians predisposed to the Islamist republic are preoccupied with the Palestinians using them as a battering-ram against their real target of visceral hatred, Israel. Other Iranians are preoccupied with the plight of Iranians being brutalized by the Islamist republic and zero in on that issue.


Fred, not long ago an Israeli commentator wrote an article in

by Ostaad on

an Israeli publication in which he pointed out that some people have made it their mission to wait around until an Arab spits so they can pick it up, put it under a magnifying glass hoping to find something to prove why Israel is justified in killing people and occupying their land. I can see you're following that same routine as long as the one who spits is one or Iran's enemies.