Iranians wary of Obama's approach
The Christian Science Monitor / Scott Peterson
05-Feb-2009 (7 comments)

Expectations soared in Iran with the election of President Barack Obama. He promised to meet Iranian leaders without preconditions, in a fresh American bid to engage Iran and end 30 years of mutual hostility. And he was not President Bush. But even as Mr. Obama has vowed to extend America's hand in friendship if Iran "unclenched its fist," Iranians say other US signals raise doubts that real change is coming. From Obama's choice of US officials who have expressed hawkish views on Iran in the past to continued use of some Bush-era language – such as the assumption that Iran harbors a nuclear-weapons program – officials and analysts in Tehran say suspicion remains about American motives.

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Farhad Kashani

Zanjoni,   I agree

by Farhad Kashani on



I agree with you partially. Diplomacy of trying to get the regime involved in International Community has not, and will not, succeed because IRI is not made of the material of co-existence, civility, diplomacy, and peace. The only way, and the only diplomatic solution, that will work with the Fascist regime is to isolate the regime 100%, exactly the way they did with S Africa. Stop economic cooperation, send IRI officials to the Hague for crimes against humanity, stop arms sells, stop diplomatic ties, …all that, and in the meantime, help the Iranian people every way possible, to remove the IRI regime. If they don’t do those, the only other option left is war, which is catastrophic for the Iranian people already suffering under IRI, and is catastrophic for the world also. War and policy of “negotiations” and “talk”, both have and will fail.


IRI is Apartheid on steroid, so, the world needs to isolate and condemn IRI everywhere and all times.


IRI is bluffing, it's the IRI who pretends that they want peace!

by fbc (not verified) on

رابطه ایران و آمریکا؛ مصائب و مشکلات


امام جمعه رژیم در تهران: اوباما جهان را فریب داد

Shikam Gondeh (not verified)

Friday 06 February 2009
امام جمعه رژیم در تهران: اوباما جهان را فریب داد
امام جمعه تهران امروز با بيان اينکه اوباما با شعار تغيير روي کار آمد و افکار عمومي آمريکا و جهان را فريب داد گفت موضع گيري وي در طول اين دو هفته نشان داد شعار تغييرش دروغ است.

احمد خاتمی تصريح کرد اوباما غلط هاي بوش را تکرار مي کند و مي گويد ما متعهد به امنيت اسرائيل هستيم.

عضو هيات رييسه مجلس خبرگان رهبری با اشاره به اينکه اوباما تحريم هاي آمريکا را علیه جمهوری اسلامی تمديد کرد ، گفت : رئيس جمهور آمريکا بداند نه دنيا فريب اين ژست ها و دروغ ها را مي خورد و نه ملت ايران تحت تاثير اين ژست هاي دروغين صلح گرايانه قرار مي گيرند.

احمد خاتمي در بخش دیگری از سخنانش با اشاره به سی امین سالگرد انقلاب شکوهمند اسلامی گفت 57 سال حکومت پهلوي را مي توان در اين کلمات خلاصه کرد که کشتند، غارت کردند، کشور را تباه کردند و با سيلي ملت رفتند.

امام جمعه تهران گفت: ملت به طاغوت سيلي زد و قدرت را به ولي فقيه عادلي سپرد که تنها خير و مصالح مردم را مي خواهد و بس.


These are the gist of what mullahs want/demand!

by bedoon e roo darbayasti (not verified) on

The changes (Policy CHANGE) mullahs would like to see and are talking about are as follows in the order of priority:

1. For the U.S. to accept the fact that mullahs want the bomb and even help them build it faster;

2. For the U.S. to cut off all her relationship and support with Israel and instead help mullahs and terrorist groups drop the Islamic bomb on Israel;

3. For The U.S. to lift the economic sanctions and return not only all Iran's frozen assets in the U.S., but also confiscate and return the entrie Iranian American community's assets in the U.S. and deposit them ALL into the Supreme leader's and Rafsanjani's personal Swiss bank accounts, facilitate their WTO membership, etc;

4. For the U.S. to allow and give mullahs carte blanche for the absolute control of the entire Middle East (and later the entire world), and even actively help them topple all the pro western governments in the ME and replace them with Iranian style Islamic Republics all under the absolute no- question-asked command of the Supreme leader Ali Khamaneii and Co.

5. For the U.S. to not only not interfere and verbally object to how many innocent people mullahs kill every day on various charges inside Iran but also to actively support and even assist the Islamic Republic in stifling the slightest dissent inside Iran; pursuing & eliminating dissidents and opposition forces outside Iran regardless of how hopeless and incompetent they are,

6. For the U.S. to guarantee ETERNALLY mullahs' and their regime's survival no matter what

In return, mullahs promise to give most of oil and gas contracts to American companies; NOTHING ELSE.


Excellent article, thanks for posting it

by Observer (not verified) on

Now this is what I call reporting. A concise look at facts on the ground. Although it's a depressing situation but I've not lost hope yet.


Uncle Sam is the boss

by Zanjoni (not verified) on

Mr. Kashani,

People are so naive. Just because his name is OBAMA, they think he is friends with them. He is a U.S. President. He works for Uncle Sam. He has to think like an American Hero. So Far, the diplomacy is not working. Last week, E.U. delisted MEK at Camp Ashraf. This is a dangerous sign. IRAN is having elections in March for four candidate: Mir Hossein Musavi, M. Qalibaf, Karubbi, and Ahmadinejad. Our famous person is the best choice.

Farhad Kashani

Iranians are NOT warry, IRI

by Farhad Kashani on

Iranians are NOT warry, IRI IS!

As an Iranian, and an American, and as an Iranian American, I also ask where is the change? Change of the IRI regime. Where is that change that Iranians and the world has been waiting for the last 30 years? Iranisn and Americans are asking how would Obama help the Iranian people "change" the regime? How would Obama help the Iranian people get rid of this cancer?

Iranians are asking Obama: Mr. President, how are you going to help us get rid of this regime? Iranians are asking the world the same thing. Iranians are saying this cancer has spread from Iran to the world, so, please "change" your policy and help us remove it.

Thats the change we want.