A reality check on Iran and the 'bomb'
Asia Times Online / Richard M Bennett
27-Feb-2009 (2 comments)

There now appears to be a growing consensus of expert opinion that Iran is but a few short months away from being capable of producing its first crude nuclear weapon.
Some may choose to see this event as "crossing the red line" and even as a trigger for military action as the threat of a nuclear capable Iran may well simply not be tolerated in some quarters. However, before such an argument can be easily accepted, it would be wise to consider just what actually constitutes a threat. So is Iran now or likely to be anytime soon a genuine "clear and

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The question remains?

by I wonder (not verified) on

I think you might be right but then all Arab and non-Arab states in the region and beyond will want to go nuclear as well when they see the example of Iran.

Even if Israel puts up with it, can the US contain all of those nuclear states, specially in the extremely tense volatile trigger-happy Middle East?


But in the long run

by Anonymous209 (not verified) on

But in the long run possession of nuclear weapons is unlikely to be of any tangible benefit to the mullahs, while their actual use would bring the quick and completely justified destruction of the state of Iran.

The US no longer cares whether Iran goes nuclear or not. IRI is irrelvant! Containment is the new policy. No need for negotiations, carrots or sticks. No one cares anymore.