From the West Bank to Teheran
The Jerusalem Post / David Horowitz, The Editor
27-Feb-2009 (3 comments)

Twenty-eight years ago, no one knew Israel could fly the distance. Its target was a single, inadequately protected facility. There was little likelihood that Iraq could rebuild, and no great danger of Iraqi retaliation. None of these factors applies in the case of Iran, and should the Russians agree to let Iran protect the infrastructure they have so recklessly helped to build with S-300 missile defenses, the logistics of an air strike become infinitely more complex still.

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Racist Israel the worlds biggest facist state against the world!

by gol-dust on

Not facist against her own people, but against the world! Wants to control every major events! World's No. 1 Organized crime! Mafia is so small and local that it would never come anywhere close to these guys!

As much as I am against the mollahs, I am so glad that they are standing up aginst the world's bullies! They don't know yet that we would never bend under pressure against anyone or any country!

Israel and AIPAC (Dennis Ross included) can all go to hell and they should never be allowed to walk on the iranian soil! No negotiation with these racist and anti iranians! I guess, Obama had finally to bend under the AIPAC's pressure, which means no better relationship with iran! I knew all along that these guys would make sure that would never happen, since they would lose their dominance in the region! Israel & AIPAC are Iran's enemy! An enemy of Iran is my enemy!

The more I see their totten attitudde the more I get pissed! Who the hell do they think they are? The world bully? Anyone, anywhere says anything against them they want to destroy them! Never seen so much unity in hating others! They want to wipe out the world's freedom of speech and thoughts if against them (inserted in the UN charter!)! They even kicked out the Catholice Archedioce because of his comment against them! That was his opinion whether right or wrong! Is this is not pure and simple facism, then what is?



by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

Firstly you have a wrong name for a radical muslim. A better name would be Navab Safavi. Secondly Israel has no fear of IRA and their only concern is that them may have to wipe the terror state of IRI one day when the mullahs are sleeping cozy in their comfortable bed.



by XerXes (not verified) on

Nothing gets the blood of the Zions burning than a powerful country that doesn't give a damn about them and is not afraid of them. They need to learn to deal with respect and begging for mercy diplomacy.

Zionism is Terrorism