Tehran steps into the Ottoman role of Middle East regional power.
Forbes / Melik Kaylan
04-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

As President Obama considers what to do about Iran, he should be aware of the historical precedents for that country's strategic maneuvers in the region. Iran is in the process of filling the vacuum of the defunct Ottoman Empire's influence in the Middle East and even to some extent in Central Asia.

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This is just to stir conflict

by Abarmard on

I find this kind of useless articles nothing but the limited hope for some “enemies” of Iran to stir a conflict in the region and nothing more. Simply Iran is not searching for the "world" domination or even the Middle Eastern domination. I would argue that Iran would enjoy an stable Middle East that kicks the foreign forces out and respectfully deal with one another base on their national interest and not those in the West.

It’s baseless argument and point of view at the time that Iran enjoys a great relation with Arabs and Turkish governments.  Of course Iran and the people in the region are much more aware and educated now days to fall for these old 1950’s style tricks.


Thanks DK

by KB on

The only person who would be reading Forbes…

Fascinating article none the less. I had not read this view of Iran’s role before, V interesting.