Is Rafsanjani a Friend?
asharq alawsat / Rahman Al-Rashed
06-Mar-2009 (3 comments)

the extremist leadership's practices in Iran will increase the number of adversaries among the Iranian people and within the regime itself. This will most likely prompt the Iranians to side with a man who takes a middle-of-the-road stand, namely Rafsanjani. The difference between Rafsanjani and the moderate former President, Mohammad Khatami, who is running again as a presidential candidate, is that Rafsanjani wields real power on the ground and is closer to succeeding Khamenei.

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Pashmaloo Khan, hamin ke hast.

by Ostaad on

The "leading Arabic international daily", from which I posted the article, is another British tabloid posing as a credible publications. It is owned by a Saudi "prince" and it is published in Engelestan!!! The majority of its "commentators" specialize in Iran bashing. I chose this article because it seems to be the most objective (of course based on the Saudi high journalistic standards) among all the pieces penned by the Iran-haters whom the "prince" pays to write crap about Iran. The "commentators who work for this tabloid are not journalists, they are gossip columnists posing as journalists. Most of them could not be hired as janitors by any reputable publication. In other words it is a paper not worth lining the bottom of your canary cage with.

These guys invented and insist on propagating the bogus "arabian gulf". I'm surprised they are not calling it the "sauid gulf"!



Arabian what ?

by pashmaloo khan (not verified) on

As the "leading Arabic international daily" may be they should invest in a legitimate world atlas to see for themselves that there is no such place as the "Arabian Gulf". Its the Persian Gulf.


The author makes too many assumptions though

by Filthy rich Akbar Kooseh (not verified) on

But everybody knows Khatami is Rafsanjani's protégé as he also was back in 1997 and the real reason behind his appointment as president, regardless of all those "Billions" of votes that we keep hearing about, cast in his favor.

It is also common knowledge that he's got lots of very well known Arab business partners.

But we should all agree that he's corrupt, cunning, power-hungry, and pragmatic enough to be the ultimate deal maker.