Netanyahu yields to Lieberman's demands for government posts
Haaretz / Lily Galili
07-Mar-2009 (5 comments)

Coalition talks between Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu are nearing completion, and it now seems that Avigdor Lieberman's party will get all the cabinet portfolios he is demanding from Benjamin Netanyahu: Foreign Affairs, Public Security, Tourism, National Infrastructures and Justice...

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khaleh mosheh

Dear News Goffer

by khaleh mosheh on

An excellent reponse - so much so that in deference I am happy to leave the last word with you.

Playing gang games also not my intention specialy that it is evident that Ostaad not that type of individual. And as you say there are many other discussions  where a fellow gang member may have come in handy which goes to show the purpose is not to play gange games.


Best wishes and happy news goffering. 

News Goffer

Dear Khaleh Mosheh

by News Goffer on

I asked for a clarification and I received one.  I also shared my experience of two years doing news postings and news editing for the site.

What is your problem, anyway?  My track record about the news and what I think speaks for itself.

Take a look:  //  

And please don’t get me caught in any gang games now!  If you have a sudden urge to stand behind Ostaad in case of any attacks on him (!), go look elsewhere, where he is regularly attacked.  I happen to agree with many of his viewpoints, so you won’t find it here.

And an unsolicited piece of advice Khaleh mosheh: I think your attacking me just now shows how dangerous gang games could be.  You could hit an innocent person with that “friendly fire.”  Please put your remarkable intelligence and good heart to better use by defending or fighting ideas, not characters.  I am not your or anybody else's enemy.

khaleh mosheh

Dear Ostaad

by khaleh mosheh on

May I suggest that you run all your supetitles past by New Goffer first?

After all we dont want to get folks starting to think for themselves. And for them to think that Ahmadinejad is not the bogeman we all want to make him out to be.

The mainstream media is working hard just to put a stop on exactly the type of comparison you are making. You are being very very disagreeable. 


Just my attempt at sarcasm.

by Ostaad on

I thought the combination these two extremists, Natanyahu and Lieberman, will put the other extremist, Ahamdinjad, in a better light - not that it diminishes the danger all characters pose to the peace and the people of the ME.

News Goffer

Dear Ostaad

by News Goffer on

I always enjoy reading your contributions.

May I ask what you meant by your super title and how that is related to the article?  I couldn't readily make the association.

As a general rule about choosing effective super titles for news items, I think it is best to keep them short and simple and if there is a particular angle or viewpoint you wish to pinpoint or to tell others, it is really useful when you write that viewpoint in the comment section of your contributed news item.  The super title is a hard (and too short) place for conveying your personal reaction to a news item.  My two cents.

Thank you for sharing.