MI chief: Iran has crossed 'technological threshold' in quest for nukes
Haaretz / Barak Ravid
08-Mar-2009 (9 comments)

"Arrival at military nuclear capability is a matter of strategy," Yadlin said. "Iran is accumulating hundreds of kilograms of enriched uranium at a low level and hopes to utilize the dialogue with the West in order to gain time, which is required in order to achieve the capability to manufacture a nuclear bomb."

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Mehdi Mazloom

Lets remember the power of the shoe

by Mehdi Mazloom on

So the USSR had 30,000 of them. It was collups w/o a single shot fired.

Imagine, US, EU and US decide to use the same economic tactics against Iran. Get the Mullah to spend so much of their ever dwindling budget on military programs, until.................well you know the rest.

Higher and higher inflation.

higher and higher unemployment.

Less and less money left for social subsidies which keeps the koon go-shaadah in power.

Now, you tell me, how long would it take until that famous shoe (it seem the new fashion) will be flying right into Khamnai'i head, 

I understand my favorit akhmag had already got one of theose shoes hitting his face.


If Iranians make their first A-bomb there'll be 199 A-bombs be-

by YesYesYes (not verified) on

hind Israel and about 14999 A-bombs behing USA. So what's the panic for?


Oostad in what??

by Anonymous098 (not verified) on

oostad: You sound hysterical; when you reach your inhernet incapacity to grasp abstract ideas, you resort to grotesque labeling.

Sanctions and containment will work with Iranians as it did with the Shah but in reverse.

I know Iranians, they need to be pushed to the limit to rise up. And that my friend Obama understand.

Mike Indyk does not understand the Iranians psyche and national temprement.

Where did you say you teach??

BTW, Your prescription have not worked either in any country.


Iranians did it!

by YesYesYes (not verified) on

More power to them.

Mehdi Mazloom

ostaad - one thing is missing

by Mehdi Mazloom on

while I do agree with you, sanction might be best way to go.  If indeed, the west will ivest in Iran, after which the economy there will improve. These cunning Mullahs will take credit for it, and use it to strength their position.

I think the new policy by Obama will work. US is working to get cooperation from Iran's main partners - China, Russia. Getting them (and Syria) on board with us on the economic and diplomatic front, will have lot more effect then just shoot-them-bang-them.

I don't think anyone - including Israel has objections to Iran having nuclear technology. It is rather the the prospect of allowing fanatic religious group which runs chill in the back of the rest of the world.

Lets hope Obama & Hilary  being as smart as they arer, Their tactic of "smart diplomacy", of "we will strict it to you mullah wilth smile of the president  and handshake of a beautiful woman" will bare fruit. Hopefully the Iranian themselves will be freed of the yoke of these backward regime.



anon...098, the architect of "dual containment", Martin Indyk...

by Ostaad on

disagrees with you. In other words. Moreover, you don't make any sense. How long have the sanctions and containment policies been in place? Have they worked? I'd say no, they haven't and it's high time there were a change in policies. To your chagrin, efendi, that change is coming.


.... and work to strengthen

by Anonymous098 (not verified) on

.... and work to strengthen the regime's hands.

That is what needs to happen for the masses to rise up. That's how the Shah was overthrown by the West. Iran will have a militant regime in a few years run by IRGC military Junta...the sooner things become worse, the sooner the IRI's reign of terror will end.

Containment will wake people up from their complacency. There is an optimum level of Oppression under which the masses will no longer going to put up with it. We need to reach that thershold. That is the only way.

Jobs and market economy did not help China, Vietnam, or even the US to become more democratic..


one of the unintended consequences of openning...

by Ostaad on

negotiations, and restroing relations later on, with the US and EU will be depriving the IRI to use one of its most overused excuses for despotism and violating the Iranians' civil and human rights. I have consistently argued that sanctions, isolations and containment policies are counter-productive and work to strengthen the regime's hands. On the other and West's presence in Iran, foreign investment and open relations will lead to jobs and sources of income that the government cannot tightly control. Without a tight economic chokehold on the people it will be very difficult to maintain tight political control. Once that is achieved it will be easier to change the regime from inside.


Let IRI have its nukes. It's

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

Let IRI have its nukes. It's obvious that the US and Israel could care less; otherwise, they would have done something about it...it's a fait-accompli and no one cares anymore. Containment is the best way to get rid of this regime. No negotiation with criminals whatsoever..

The IRI needs to find another boogyman to supress dissent.