Blame the 'Lobby'
The Washington Post / EDITORIALS
12-Mar-2009 (10 comments)

no doubt Mr. Freeman himself will now win plenty of admiring attention. Crackpot tirades such as his have always had an eager audience here and around the world. The real question is why an administration that says it aims to depoliticize U.S. intelligence estimates would have chosen such a man to oversee them.

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Great editorial

by tsion on

Thanks Fred and kudos to WaPo.



Freeman is telling the truth on both isreal and tibet

by King David (not verified) on

he said Tibetan have more right then chinese , proof :

One child policy dont apply to Tibetans

Tibetans can as many children as they like , while none tibetan chinese can have only one child !

they not required to go to chinese schools , they have tibetan schools which beijing pays for !


The activities of this evil group called the Lobby is well docum

by JusticeForAll (not verified) on

ented. They manipulate the American body politics by sending a questioner to any candidate who wants to run for an office. In that questioner they ask the position of the candidate about Israel. If he/she has favoritable views about Israel then the Lobby help them to get elected, if not they use all their power to defeat him/her in the elections. These are not theories, go ahead and do search about on google or where ever. We Americans are manipulated, used and abused by Israeli lackies who are desrtuctive to our wellbeing, economically and politically. I look at them as spies for Israel.


The usual suspects at it again

by lol (not verified) on

here we go again! something to do with Jewish lobby and Israel and the usual suspects jumping on one another posting empty commments after comments ...

Funny that as usual you're just huffing and puffing and cannot do a damn thing about it.


Akhey... adam delesh missoozeh

by IRANdokht on

in the past few years alone has seen the U.S. government promote a Palestinian election that it opposed; refuse it weapons it might have used for an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities; and adopt a policy of direct negotiations with a regime that denies the Holocaust and that promises to wipe Israel off the map. Two Israeli governments have been forced from office since the early 1990s after open clashes with Washington over matters such as settlement construction in the occupied territories.

I am disappointed with Americans for letting Israel's ruling faction down and not supporting them in  such noble acts as expanding their (illegal) settlements and bombing Iran!  

how dare they? 



The great news

by KB on

The great news is that there are informed people who have read this article and seen through it. See the comments posted by bloggers. Good to see this number growing...



F the Post

by Q on

too little too late on their damage control operations.


I guess it's expected

by Abarmard on

For him to be bombarded with name calling, labellings and so on, that was his reasoning, wasn't it?

The Lobby is not going to sit quiet and let this ball be on the other side. They will play and play it hard. Only if the people would get more involved...


Mean article

by capt_ayhab on

Washington post certainly exhibited the meanness they have always possessed in this case.

Yes Mr. Freeman is a public figure and must be scrutinized, but slandering him as WP did is totally uncalled for.




This response from a reader to the WPO "editorial" says it all

by Ostaad on

Is David Broder a "crackpot", Mr. Diehl? From Broder's column this
morning: "The Obama administration has just suffered an embarrassing
defeat at the hands of the lobbyists the president vowed to keep in
their place, and their friends on Capitol Hill." Any idea which
lobbyists Broder is referring to? He refers to two lobbies in his
column - the Israel lobby and the Tibetan human rights lobby.

can fault Mr. Freeman's positions on issues, and fault the tone of his
statement regarding his withdrawal, but isn't it a bit much to ask us
to believe that Chuck Schumer, Mark Kirk, former AIPAC officer Steve
Rosen, current AIPAC officer Josuah Block, the New Republic and Daniel
Pipes were all acting independent of any influence of the Israel Lobby?
Or were they all merely lobbying on behalf of Tibetan human rights?